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When will I receive my images? 

All shoots, except weddings, will be delivered with a max 2 week time frame! This depends on my busy schedule, but if you're lucky.. you can get them as early as a week.. sometimes faster! But be patient with me, you might not be the only ones I am working on and I want to get everyone their images ASAP!

Weddings are MAX 3 months but I try to get them ASAP as well!

Do you travel and is there an extra travel fee? 

Travel takes time and gas ain't cheap SO I do charge a travel fee for anywhere outside of San Luis Obispo. For road trips, I charge $1/mile both ways. 

Need me to fly? No problem. Let's chat where to and I can quote you! For air travel & weddings, covered accommodations will be required. 

Do you touch up my photos? 

I do! Minor touch ups, smoothing, and detail fixes that don't over alter anyone's natural appearance is included in my basic edits. 

Something still isn't right? No worries, if you have additional edits after receiving your images, let me know! There will be a $20 fee/image

What should I wear? 

I always recommend color to truly pop, but it is personal preference!! This all depends on the location, but if you are going neutral, lighter tones tend to pop better, but hey I can make anything look stunning. 

For portraits & couples, I recommend one casual outfit and one formal for variety!

Can I purchase additional images?

Yes! I choose the official set of photos, believe don't want to go through thousands of these, but I always select the very best options! If you want more, no problem, I will choose the next 25 best for $5/image. 

Not good enough and you really want all the raws? You got it, this will be an additional $500 for raw files. Weddings will be $1k for all. 

I want to hire you on a consistent basis for social media.. do you offer this? 

I know what it's like to need social content and I LOVE when clients use me over and over. We become a team and get better and better because I learn exactly what you like! I ask that you pay my OG prices for shoot #1 to make sure we fit well together, and if you hire on a consistent basis, I will offer a discount :) 

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